Wedding Toasts: Bringing Us All Together

There you are, one of the first people to speak at the wedding of these two wonderful people. You have such a powerful platform to make some really great points. One of the really important things a wedding does, something that you have the opportunity to celebrate is encouragine the mingling of the two communities (and sometimes more if there are divorces, or if the brides and grooms friends don’t know the families). Marriages are more stabile when grounded in a community. Obviously if the community is connected that will encourage the stability!

Tip: Use the wedding toast to talk about the wedding reception and weekend as an opportunity to make connections with their wider community. Hey, you all love your friend or family member. Your friend or family member loves their spouse and wants to introduce you to them. That beloved new spouse probably has friends and family members you’d like to know. So, dance, have a drink, share some cake: seek out the new members of this community.

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