Wedding Toast: Why your friend will be a great partner

Yesterday I said the first part of the toast is a thank you. the second part of the toast is a paen of praise to your buddy. In the rehearsal toast, you want to talk mostly about your friend and why he or she has been such a great friend. And then you can give a little nod to her or his beloved and say, you’re a lucky, lucky person.

In the wedding toast, your story about your friend is more about how their wonderful qualities will make them a wonderful partner.

Tip: Consider what it is that will make your best friend a very good partner. Don’t rule out the funny and quirky side of them either. We don’t often have a chance to say wonderful things about our friends in public (although here’s to taking more opportunities!). So enjoy it. Think about how you would like someone to talk about you. Be lavish in your praise, just not smarmy. (smarmy’s never good!). And then think about how his or her partner is going to profit from loving and being loved by this wonderful person, your friend. Now the trick is to do all this and keep it short!

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