Wedding Toast: Hello, Meet My Best Friend

Big surprise, as with everything with weddings, making the wedding toasts is more difficult and includes more things than you might have thought. They are pretty easy to deal with if you know what they are, but you do want to try and get all the points in!

One of the things both the wedding and rehearsal toast should do is introduce your good friend to his or her partner’s family and friends. You want them to know and love your friend as you do, so your stories need to reflect well on your bud. Don’t tell that story about the time that you and your buddy… you know the one I mean! Do tell the loyal trustworthy and brave stories!

Tip: When you’re giving your toast remember that you want your friend’s partner’s family to think that your friend is the best thing since sliced bread. Talk for a moment about how well your friend will treat his or her mate because you have always been well treated and well-looked after. Often not everyone in the partner’s family will have met the intended, so this is your chance to warm up the crowd. Your friend will be forever grateful!

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