Wedding Planning: Answering the Hard Questions Leads to Easy Wedding Planning

Take a look at the items in the parentheses following the questions. You’ll see the Wedding Planning task that gets simplified when you honestly answer your questions.

  • What do you want to promise your beloved? (Wedding Vows)
  • Who do you want to witness and support those promises? (Guest List)
  • Given who you are, where does it make sense for you to celebrate? (Venue)
  • Given what you value and how you live, how does it make sense to celebrate? (Budget)
  • Given what you believe, who should perform your ceremony? (Celebrant)
  • Given what you enjoy, what kind of party should you have and where? (Reception)
  • Given what you want to accomplish, how should you get married? (Wedding Ceremony)

Tip: The questions above are the questions that are going to help you make your marriage work which is the real goal of weddings. So, do the hard work of planning and figure out who you are to one another and what you want for the future of this amazing relationship!

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