Toasts: Make them Sizzle

If you’ve been picked to make a toast at either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception and you’ve said yes, what’s the next step? Research!

Why Research? because a good toast either one of two things, it’s either richly personal about your own relationship with your friend or it’s richly personal about her or him. So ask a few of his or her other friends about friends about the thing that you think is most remarkable about your friend, so you can deepen the story. Or you ask them about the things that they think are the most remarkable about your friend so you can widen the story.

Whatever happens, the friends will be glad to be consulted, you’ll get good insight and a tighter relationship with other friends. how bad is that? not bad at all. good in fact. and your toast will be richer for it!

Tip: Several weeks before the toast, get in touch with some of your friend’s buddies. Ask the following two questions:

1. I think one of the strongest parts of X’s character is his/her ability to (be a good friend, solve problems, keep a clear head, generous) whatever is most noteworthy for you. Then say, do you have stories that corroborate that?

2. Just so I don’t miss anything, are there any other characteristics that you think she/he has in abundance?

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