Set Your Wedding Budget with Your Marriage Goals

Let your marriage plans set the parameters for your wedding planning. By that I mean, you don’t want to figure out your budget before you figure out what kind of marriage you want to have.

  • How do you envision your future together?
  • What kind of life and lifestyle do you want to build?
  • What brought you together and what will keep you together?
  • What are the values that you’re going to base that future on?
  • What are the promises that you know you can keep to one another?

Only once those questions are answered should you begin to consider your budget: because you want a budget that reflects your values and a wedding that reflects your marriage dreams. You want to keep focusing your wedding: ceremony, vows and receptions on the marriage ahead.

Tip: Wedding planning should start with marriage planning. Sit together and dream of your future. Only then should you begin to build a budget.

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