Holiday Hints: A Thanksgiving Book for Lovers

One of the best ways to keep your marriage alive and vital is to concentrate on your beloved’s best traits. But, there’s no need to wait until you’re married. You can start counting your blessings right now, on this very Thanksgiving Holiday! See: Thanksgiving. So, do your work!

Start a book of lists that will last throughout your marriage (which is the rest of your life). This Thanksgiving and every one from this day forward, list the This Year’s 10 Most Important Reasons I Have Been Grateful You are my Beloved. Date your lists. Put the lists on facing pages of a book. Do the same next year. And the next. Do it forever.

Read them to one another on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Make it a special occasion. Take that 5 minutes before you rush into the family hubub, before there’s any chance for fractiousness and family squabbles, to remember how fabulous it is to love one another. (If you really want to help yourself out, make a list that gives one reason you are glad each member of your family and your partner’s family are part of your life. You’ll learn a lot from that list, and writing it down, makes it so!)

And then keep reading your list. If there are uncomfortable moments over the holiday, review your list. If you get testy during the wedding planning, read your list. Here are the top ten reasons I’m grateful you’re in my life this year:

1.    You believe in Love and its power to transform your life.
2.    You are willing to make and keep promises.
3.    You are willing to let your life stand for something bigger than yourself.
4.    You are willing to tenderly care for one another.
5.    You understand your marriage will thrive in a supportive community.
6.    You know that you’re having a wedding to celebrate your marriage.
7.    You know that the goal of a wedding ceremony is to create a life-long marriage supported and celebrated by your community.
8.    You know that however wonderful your wedding, it is only the first day of the most monumental endeavor of your life.
9.    You know that Love is worth celebrating and working for.
10.    You know you are a better person for loving and being loved by your beloved.

Thanks for being who you are and thanks for believing in Love.

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