Create A Marriage Covenant: Declare Your Love for All the World to See

I believe it’s a good thing to create and sign a wedding covenant. Unfortunately, this is not a replacement for a license. But it is a binding agreement that you are creating within your hearts in front of and with the support of your community. It is a document that you should be proud to place on your wall and a covenant that each of you agree will create the bedrock of your marriage for the rest of your life. Make it as elaborate or as sparely elegant as you wish, the sentiment and the love will always be overwhelming. Take this marriage seriously and it will take you wherever you want to go into your future.

Tip: As you prepare to marry, create a document that contains a metaphor for your marriage such as a picture or a drawing, your vows, with a place to sign, an acknowledgement by the celebrant that you are married (with a place to sign) and a celebration of support by the community (with a place to sign).

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