Your Wedding Guests: Who are they?

Your wedding guests are one of your marriage’s greatest resources. When you invite them to witness your wedding vows and ask them for support during the wedding ceremony, they will take that responsibility seriously. I haven’t run into a marriage that hasn’t had to call on its community at some point, whether its carpooling the kids, giving advice or showing up at the tough times. You want good friends at your wedding ceremony.

One of the best ways I ever saw of introducing the guests to one another was a creating a booklet detailing who the guests were, what their work and hobbies were and how they were connected to the bride and groom. The couple had written sweet statements about each person invited to the wedding. The booklets were shared at the wedding. (Better idea is to send them out beforehand.)

Tip: when you choose the guests who will be invited to your wedding, write a one word sentence beside their name about why you’re grateful that they are part of your life — something personal, not generic. Count each and everyone of those blessings, as you invite them, as you send them a little booklet, and then as you see them sitting before you as you’re coming down the aisle at your wedding.


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