Your Wedding Ceremony: Ushers Set the Tone for the Day

Hello, My dears,

Ezine articles has just posted a couple of my articles on ushers. People seem to take for granted that there should be ushers, or they decide that they don’t serve any real purpose. You don’t have to have ushers, that’s for sure! But I do think it’s important to remember that they help set the atmostphere for the wedding. It’s a wonderful thing to have somebody greeting people (if you’re mixing things up, they don’t have to be men!) chatting with people, delivering them to their seats and all around making sure that everyone feels welcomed to your wedding and excited to see what’s going to happen!

You can use the groomsmen, but they may be busy keeping the groom distracted and happy. The last 1/2 hour can seem interminable!

Whatever you decide, do it so that you’re happy with what’s going on!

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