Your Wedding Ceremony: Seating Charts

I know, everyone says it’s going to be horrible, so it is horrible. It’s just a seating chart! It’s one dinner. Important, we know, but after all, you’re going to be gazing into your beloved’s eyes, so you don’t want it to distract you.

There are a lot of things to consider (go look at my new articles about this), but none of them are really likely to start a world war. (and if you have aunts and uncles who are warring, pass a few people off to your parents and tell them that they need to figure the seating out!).

But, you could actually go ahead and have a good time seating friends with other friends, thinking about friendships you’d like to blossom from your wedding. If you’re having a perfectly horrible day, you can probably amuse yourself by imagining your great Aunt Matilda sitting next to your punk rocker friend, which you really wouldn’t do, but hey, couples have to have some fun while they’re planning.

Just keep relaxing and considering that this is gonna be a blast.


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