Wedding Kilts – And the Men Who Wear Them

Men in Kilts and the women who marry them! Yesterday, I did an outdoors indian Summer Scottish wedding. It was held at an old barn along a rushing creek under maples that were beginning to turn. The bagpipe skirled, the wedding guests were enchanted. Gorgeous. The beautiful Scottish bride married a local Pennsylvania man who courageously volunteered to wear the kilt. His groomsmen were therefore volunteered as well. among the 250 guests, there were probably 20 kilts. It was a lovely thing. To a man they found them comfortable. I thought they said they rented locally at Penney’s although i couldn’t find anything on line. I’d call a local store. But you can always search around on the web. Here’s one place that had a lot of information, including a book entitled So You’re Going to Wear the Kilt available on the same page. It would be well worth looking at for $12.95.

And just a thought. if you’re not a frequent wearer of the kilt, a word to the wise: cross your legs!


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