Wedding Dance: Have Fun and Be Who You Are!

The wedding dance doesn’t need to be this big horrible thing you fear. It can actually be fun. My SweetPea and I took lessons with our friends and got tea in the bargain for 4 weeks in a row. (SweetPea says it was so much fun he wants to do it again. Unfortunately, he’s busy all the time from now until forever, so as much as he’d LIKE to do it again, he’s too busy!)

Don’t add it to the most terrible things that ever happened to you wedding planning list. Let it be fun. This couple certainly did!

Tip: Approach the wedding dance with plans to have a good time. Look, if nothing else, you get to hold your sweetie in your arms and consider being married. If it’s really not working, finish it with a twirl and a dip. Everyone can learn to do a dip. Then kiss. I’ll bet you’re really good kissers.

2nd Tip: Unless you’re really good at this, find a shortened version of your favorite song! Or invite your parents onto the floor halfway through.

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