Seating Friends and Family to Gain Support for your Marriage


Keep remembering that the point of having folks at your wedding is to gather support for your marriage. Oh, and having fun. But the having fun part seems to obscure the importance of support. So the reception focus in the industry is often on themes and lavish entertainment and not on helping folks make connections so that you can have a solid support base when you need it. And every marraige needs it. The wedding has work to do that will have life-long implications. After the wedding you want to hear people say, I remember that you said this or that in the ceremony. You want to hear people talk about how much they enjoyed meeting your friends. It’s always nice, but not particularly important if they loved the blue cheese puffs. (and what’s not to like?)

Try this: Print out a bunch of copies of your list of wedding guest lists. Take one and take some colored pens and make some quick choices about connections you would like to see happen at your wedding.

There’s one way to think about the seating chart! Stay tuned for more!


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