MABs: Wedding Dress Cake – don’t try this at home!

A doll stuck in a wedding cake skirt was one of the entries at the local town fair bake-off this September. Can you believe I’m just writing to tell you about this? And that I don’t have a camera? Well this poor little dolly’s skirt was so heavy that it was pulling her bodice off her boobs. There we were, 2 middle-aged and one young woman holding on to one another and laughing our heads off. It was definitely a fashion no-no and spoke to the need for good undergarments!

and seriously… you want good undergarments. forget the notion of a gorgeous underwear, never before worn, especially for your wedding. Try this at home: wear it around — for at least an entire day. If it isn’t comfy, it isn’t a go for the wedding. breathing is important. nothing sticking into your beautiful breasts! Nothing constricting your stomach past the comfort zone (which gets smaller as the night goes on.) And what if your beautiful lace thong itches? NO! Don’t do it. This is worth spending to get what you need and even admitting you made a mistake. Shop early — and often if you need to!

You can do this. You can do anything. in fact, you probably already have! So of course you can have a fabulous wedding!


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