Let Wedding Gifts or Favors Make a Difference

You can change more than your world with your wedding! If you’ve decided to have either wedding presents or wedding favors be a donation to a charity, then choose something where the amount of money you’re donating will make a difference. If you donate to a big charity, look for ones with projects so your money will make a big difference. The American Cancer fun is always great, but there probably specific areas where you can have a big impact. And that’s a great way to make you and your community feel like you’re chaning some little part of the world. And it’s a great thing to have your marrige known as one that is dedicated to making a difference!

Tip: Whatever your field of interest, find a project like Heifer International or Habitat for Humanity where your specific dollars change specific lives. It will make you feel even better about this wonderful marriage you’re making!

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