Diamonds ARE Forever

Your engagement ring and your wedding ring have the power to pull you back into the center of your love.

My mom lives in a nursing home because she is livng with dementia. She and dad moved to the nursing home about 4 years ago. Daddy died this March. A couple weeks ago, I finally got around to taking her rings off her hand (she had her diamond on first instead of the band) because the diamond needed to be repointed and I didn’t want to lose the stone which has meant so much to her.

Yesterday, which was the day before her 65th wedding anniversary, I got her rings back to her. I sat beside her after lunch and explained what I had done with the rings and reminded her that her anniversary was tomorrow. I had to grease her finger to get the ring on, but with a little hand lotion, it slid right on. There was a nurse’s aid in the room with me while I did this. Both of us promptly started to cry. My mom looked at me the way she must have looked at her Sammy when he gave her the ring all those years ago. There was such love and such sweetness.

Tip: Don’t ever underestimate either the importance of those symbols of your love or Love’s ability to break through to open hearts.

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