Charitable Contributions for your Wedding Ceremony

Connecting your wedding and your marriage to charitable endeavors is a great idea. However, whether you’re asking for your wedding gifts to be charitable contributions or your wedding favors are a donation to a charity, you have work to do as you decide where you’re going to give your money.

Before you decide where you’re allocating resources, whether time or money, you need to get clear what’s important to you. What do you two really care about? This makes a profound statement about who you are, so you want it to be about you. Just because it’s the new, new thing, doesn’t mean it’s right for you. You’ll be associated with this project forever, people will remember this about your wedding, so don’t waste the good will you’re gathering for you and your marriage by not paying attention.

Tip: look at where you spend your money and your time. Do you have a favorite charity already, one that the two of you support? If not, while you’re listing your core values in preparation for your wedding vows, take a look at what matters to you. Then take a look at the charities that are working for those projects. There are a lot: Kids? Big Brother or Big Sister, Save the Children. Housing: There’s always Habitat for Humanity. The Outdoors: Nature Conservancy or Sierra Club. Find the one that you’ll be passionate about for the rest of your life.

Then go have a great wedding!

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