Celebrate the Seasons: Happy Eid!

On the night of September 30th the sight of a sliver of new moon announced the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting.

Noticing a new holiday takes a while. My dear niece Sarrah’s Partner Ali, has brought this holiday into my consciousness. Raised a liberal Protestant, I was pretty darned insular when I moved to NY back in the mid-70s. Being a New York ensures you a good education in Jewish holidays and offers a great richness if you pay attention. I was always excited to learn about new holidays that got you invited to people’s homes to EAT! My romance with food and family celebration always invited me to look into the meaning of the holiday. Imagine, for this little Pennsylvania girl, discovering religious holidays with food attached.

And now this young man has come into our family. In the past few years, I have been learning a bit about Islam. It is also an Abramic tradition, so it’s been interesting to note differences and similarities. But as with all things, the richness begins when I know someone. That drives me to look more deeply and so that I can have a better understanding of the person I love. It’s good to find new ways to connect and to build bridges of peace. So slowly, I begin to read and research Ramadan and its richness. And soon, I hope, the foods of another celebration will enter my sphere and I’ll find new ways to celebrate putting the past behind and looking forward into the future.

I echo so many who say at this time, may we learn from what has gone before and may we look forward in peace.


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