MABs: Your Bridesmaids

Hello girls:

It’s been a while since I’ve written, sorry! You know how it is… you start out doing something and pretty soon you’re working along on something else and and you’ve completely forgotten what you were working on to start with?

Wow, there’s a post on why MABs should keep it simple!

But the bridesmaid thing is a curious problem for women of a certain age. Do you really want to ask 7 of your best friends to put on a particular orange and fuschia dress that costs a lot of money and flatters nobody except your junior bridesmaid? Probably not. So I think you have a couple options. Ask one, maybe two people (and do complimentary rather than matching clothes) to stand up with you. Or tell every beloved friend you have that your color is magenta and that you want to be bowled over with your favorite color as you march down the aisle with your beloved.

I asked my goddaughter to stand up with me. She was tremendous. I have ‘way to many friends and women I’ve adopted as sisters and then a beloved sister. Eeny, meeny, miney,moe is not a great way to pick your best woman, so, i just bunted. (I didn’t have a color, either, I just said look fabulous! and everyone did.)

So don’t stress the bridesmaid thing. Find someone who will hold your bouquet and loves you enough to hold your hankie while you’re holding your sweetheart’s hands and making your promises. and have a good time.

Girlfriends, we’ve got it going on! and it’s all doable!

So, do it!


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