MABs: The Dress!

Hey My Girlfriends,

This seems to be wedding week at the Washington Post. There was an article on dresses for brides who are being married for the 2nd time (11 percent of all weddings are 2nd brides, 17 percent of all grooms… now there’s another topic for later!). I know not all MABs are 2nd brides (I wasn’t!), but I know many MABs are looking for good options for wedding clothes.

There were two thoughts in the article. One was that you should wear something that’s attractive (Duh) and the second was that you should wear something in which you’ll want to appear some other time. (No!)

So there you have it, permission from the fashion world to look good. (?) It was discouraging that “looking good” meant that you were wearing a sheath that anyone under 110 pounds and 5’9″ would look great in.

It’s nice being fit. Even I have finally agreed that fit is important. I’m taking a weight course (Yea! Strong Women) and I’m swimming again. I’m doing that because I haven’t been taking care of my health and it’s time. It would have been nice if I’d worked that into my routine before the wedding, but I had all these things to do… take care of parents, manage a wedding, write a website. I want to be fit for myself and I want to be fit for my beloved. But not just because people are going to see me. For my wedding I wanted to look and feel beautiful. For me, in my middle-of-the-winter wedding, that meant black velvet. I looked gorgeous, I felt gorgeous (I will wear it again, the moment something formal comes around in my life as parent care and writer. A moment that doesn’t require, um, casual clothes).

You may be the type to wear the creme-caramel sheath… you might look wonderful in something fuschia or deep purple. You don’t need my blessing to look great, but I hope you choose something you feel completely comfortable in. Because however fun the wedding ceremony and reception. It’s a long day. Beautiful but comfy dress. Beautiful, but comfy shoes.

If you have trouble imagining yourself as beautiful, borrow a girlfriend who really likes you and who has impeccable style. Take her shopping with you. She knows your beautiful and will probably know what you’re beautiful in!

It’s your wedding. You should enjoy! (And be comfortable!)


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