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First I ignore you and then you can’t get rid of me! I’ve been giggling all day after my conversation with my friend Ann. She’s about to be a Mother of the Groom. Always quick-witted, she decided that since she was taking a belly-dance class at the local hospital (what is this world coming to, when people let you do fun things for health!) So ANYWAY, she decided to tell her son that she wanted to belly dance at his reception. she was disappointed because he played right along. I of course told her that as long as she wore beige and kept her mouth shut (which is what they used to tell Mothers of the Grooms) she’d be perfect.

But then I thought: what a hoot! What if the bride and her friends took a belly dance course and danced at the reception? it’s time to recognize how fabulous we are… and to have a great time! Or learn a song and do back-up singing… It’s your wedding, you can have fun if you want to, fun if you want, to, fun if you want to… you would sing too, if it happened to you!

Girlfriends, you’ve got it all going on! It’s all doable, so go do it!


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