L’shana Tovah

It’s the Jewish New Year today, year 5769.

In the United, we begin the year in turmoil in the markets and in people’s homes. In my little town the headlines are all about a man who shot his wife. And yet, in the midst of the troubles, comes a new beginning. The blessings for the new year that I’ve seen offer prayers and wishes for Peace, Joy and Sweetness.

May we be the Peace that is needed in our world.

May we celebrate the Joy wherever we can find it.

May we offer Sweetness with our words and our actions so that Sweetness may come back to us.

Whatever your religious tradition, hesitate for a moment on the brink of this new season, and pray for Peace, Sweetness and Joy. Breathe them in, deeply.

Then go out into the world, exhaling the possibilites of change, the possibilities of Peace, of Sweetness and of Joy.

May the next 365 days be full of the blessings you receive and the blessings you offer.


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