Almost the Autumn Equinox

Well tomorrow, the time of balance arrives: The Autumn Equinox is here. If you look at the ancient European calendar, we’re already at the middle of fall, limping along toward winter. (The Norse calendar actually only had two seasons and October 31 started winter. I’m not quite ready!)

But Autumn is the Festival of the Third Great Thanksgiving. It is all about celebrating Abundance. (You’ll note that the Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving on the 10th of October, in keeping with the calendar.) Abundance has three great responsibilities:

  1. Thanksgiving and gratitude. Now is the season of blessing counting. For the next six weeks spend 10 minutes every day counting blessings.
  2. Sorting. This is a time to get clear about your lives. What do you have in your life that will sustain you? What do you have in your life that delights you? And what do you have in your life that no longer serves you? (and here’s a novel idea, get rid of it!)
  3. Sharing. Out of our abundance we are enjoined to share with the world. There are so many places where you can share your time, your talents and your treasure (yep, I meant money!). The need is great and you have much to offer. Even some of those things that no longer serve you will serve someone else!

But here in the States, the days are balmy and the nights are cool. Sleep is a wonderful thing! A true sign that fall has arrived, the Bloomsburg Fair started this weekend. There is fried food in my future! And little piggies! Fall, it’s a wonderful thing!

Remember to try and stand an egg on its head around the actual hour of the equinox… sometimes it just works!

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