Wedding Ceremony: Your Wedding Video

Oh, Oh, Oh!

I got my wedding video yesterday. Here’s to the importance of wedding videos.

Lots of people ask do you want to bother with a wedding video. I know it can be a wild expense at a time when you don’t need another wild expense. And here’s what I know:

My videographer made two discs for me. (I wrote tapes… how old am I? Middle Aged brides unite!) the first one was the wedding. More about that in a sec. The second one was the reception. It was great. I confess, I missed a lot of the reception in the great happy swirl of “I love my partner” and “I can’t believe you’re here!!!” So there it was. And I was there. There’s a movie to prove it. And the quality was unbelievable! So, yea! Have your own masterpiece theater of your life!

The first disc was the ceremony. (no, really, someday I’ll get it up on youtube!) Now, you know me – you’ve been hearing me rhapsodize about wedding ceremonies. Steve’s and mine was about an hour. We had singers and poets and dancers and friends. It was amazing and fun. Everyone had fun. And there it is! On my very own little IBook! There’s my dad being just incredible. There are my mom and my dad, together, 6 weeks before he died, clapping hands to the music.

You’ll be so glad you got married! You’ll be so glad you recorded it!


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