MABs: The Scent of your Love!

Hi guys,

Here’s another thought about weddings and smelling good.

You could also be anointed with essential oils as part of your preparation for your wedding day.

Now: You wouldn’t want to do this if you hadn’t done it before! You don’t want to find out that you’re allergic to whatever essential oil symbolizes serenity and spend your wedding day in hives! In this case you would want to discuss the oils that were chosen and whether they were chosen for scent alone, or for their essential properties. What characteristics do you need to thrive in marriage? What oils offer those characteristics? How careful do you need to be in blending the scents? How about the characteristics? A little discretion goes a long way toward creating harmonious and peaceful marriage!

There’s a ritual in here somewhere… I can smell it! I’ll get back to you when I’ve figured something out. The great thing about being femmes d’une certaine age is that we know lots of people. So I wrote to the daughter of my girlfriend Pete and asked her about essential oils and mixing them at a wedding… she’s going to get back to me…

In the meantime, remember, Girlfriends, We’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!


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