MABs: Don’t You Smell Good!

Hey there! MABs

Sorry I haven’t been writing much recently. I’ve been working on my articles and I haven’t quite seemed to find a rhythm that incorporates the blog, particularly the MABs and the article writing. They told me it made a big difference to have 100 articles up and going, So I’m writing away. There’s an ever increasing number of them on my article page, so you can always go there and check out what I’m up to. Or go to if you can’t wait for the weekly posts!

ANYWAY! I was just writing about the sense of smell and all the ways you can celebrate that in your wedding and I thought, wait a minute, how about you? What’s your favorite perfume? What do you want to smell like on your wedding day? Do you want to wear your usual scent, the one your partner has always thrilled to?

Or do you want to wear something that you’ve identified for this special occasion — a scent that you will use at future celebrations, both public and intimate! And I thought WOW, wouldn’t it be a fun party to go somewhere and have a perfume created just for you?

MMM. As I get older I find I love wearing scent… and I never used to bother. We just want lots of ways to celebrate our beauty! And I haven’t heard too many MABs saying that their partners complain when they get all gussied up to spend time with them that they don’t like that their sweeties smell so good! It’s so funny: each of us have different scents which are just perfect on us. And now the internet makes it possible to figure out how to do these things. So I went to the internet and guess what, you don’t need to go somewhere to think about this and someone’s already thought of it (so much for my thinking I’m discovering things… but at least I’m sharing what I know – and you don’t need to go ANYWHERE if you live in a city, sounds like they’ll come to you!) Go read this fun article!

Life is sure fun, isn’t it? All this and you’re marrying the partner of your dreams?

Girlfriends, We’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!


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