Wedding Ceremony: Open for business!

Hey folks!

Hip, Hip, Hooray! My site is finally ready for business! If you go to my opt-in page you will get a free copy of 2 templates for wedding vows AND get signed up for my soon to start arriving newsletter. (thanks to your interest, I’m working on a longer vow work book it should be available next week at the latest.)

Stay tuned to the site (and sign up for rss) because I’ll be letting you know about all the new features as they’re added.

There’s lots ahead of us, but there is lots for you to use already, right here!

Thanks for checking in with me, and thanks for doing the work to make your wedding ceremony the heart of your marriage.

You deserve to live happily and healthily ever after, and I’m doing everything I can to give you the tools to create the wedding of your dreams that will support your marriage of a lifetime!



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