Wedding Ceremony: After the Ceremony is over

Dear Couples!

Some of you may know, others may not, but for many years I lived and worked in the Bay Area of California. Oakland and the many lovely places around it are where I started my business and fell in love with doing weddings. (Everyone should have a good friend like my friend Jenn, who after listening to me talk on our rides to and from work at the United Way in Concord, said, “You know what, you should figure out how to make this legal, and you should perform wedding ceremonies. And here’s this couple that I know who are getting married. You should marry them.” So, I got legal, and married them, and the rest is history! Very fun history.)

So here I was, last earlier today, sitting in the cafe where I have met so many of my wedding couples for many, many years. I was talking to a new potential couple, and in walked Nicole and Chick. “Wow,” they said, “we never come here!” and here we all were!

They were married 7 years ago, and have a 4 year old. He had kids from a previous marriage and one of them was 18 and finishing her first year of college and the other was 15! They were so little and wonderful at the wedding ceremony which took place in their garden up in the Berkeley hills.

What a celebration to see a family really coalesce! Of course I went back and read their ceremony (I think I’ve got something like 12 years of ceremony in this database.). It was so wonderful to see the promises the family had made to one another to be family and to incorporate any new family that came along… and boom, here they were.

They kept saying, “we’re happy. We read our ceremony often. We’re so happy. You’re such a big part of that.” That’s the way it should be. You should love your wedding ceremony and refer to it. (and of course you should love your celebrant, especially if it’s ME!)

So when you’re crafting your ceremony, make sure that it’s going to support the life you want to have.

Somebody’s going to beat the odds and live happily and healthily ever after. Why shouldn’t it be you?



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