Wedding Ceremony: Engaging the Senses – Taste (2)

Life is rich and we should call upon its richness and celebrate it in as many ways as we can!

What is the role of Bread and Wine in a religious ceremony? Obviously that depends upon the religion, but most religions have a tradition of blessing a ceremony with grain and many add the wine. Or some have the wine and add the grain.

Like the almonds, the grain represents that which will sustain us. And the wine is from sweet fruit. (you mean that’s why they use sweet wine in Christian churches where they serve wine at communion? I’d have liked history so much better if they’d done it on food rather than wars!) Offer one another the stuff from which life grows. And then share the cup of sweetness.

Here’s a big caveat: Don’t use a ceremony that excludes people. If you want Christian Communion and some large number of your guests are not Christian, take Communion yourselves and then after the ceremony, invite the guests who are interested up to partake.

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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