Wedding Ceremony: Engaging the Senses – Taste (1)

Life is rich and we should call upon its richness and celebrate it in as many ways as we can! You may not know why there were frequently sugar coated almonds associated with wedding feasts. I’m not sure why they were called Jordan almonds… anyone want to write in and let me know about that?

Almonds were considered to be bitter (is THAT why I like them?). Life was understood to contain the difficult and so the almond represented life’s challenges.

They were coated with sugar in recognition that love and marriage sweeten the challenges of life.

So that’s why they show up on so many bridal tables as wedding favors. (that and of course the sugar takes the dyes so well, so they’re easy favors to have color coordinated.) Well that, and they’re cheap! But they have actual meaning. It used to be that folks got so little sugar and nuts were a staple of life. They seemed really sweet to folk. But now, we eat so much sweet food that a few sugared almonds barely seem interesting to us.

But it’s not unreasonable that you might create a small ritual around those almonds (the bitter and the sweet, the sustenance and the delight) and use them in the wedding ceremony. Then think how much more interesting they’ll be at the reception.

And if no one else likes them, you can always give them to your wedding celebrant. She’ll eat them and enjoy!

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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