Wedding Ceremony: Engaging the Sense of Smell

Of all the senses, this is one we know how to satisfy immediately! Unless you have people who are wildly allergic to flowers, use fragrant wedding flowers. You don’t need to use thousands of them, some of the most sophisticated weddings I’ve seen the bride and her crowd each carried only one blossom… (an old fashioned smelly rose apiece, the bridesmaids carrying white against their black velvet and the bride a deep deep purple. Stunning!) And then there were flowers other places. Mostly single flowers… but quite a few of them… and many of them were fabulously odiferous. Obviously if you’re marrying in a small enclosed space, you want to leave some air for the people to breathe as well as the wedding flowers, but let people have a sense of the complexity of life by the complexity of scent.

Life is rich and we should call upon its richness  and celebrate it in as many ways as we can!

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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