Wedding Ceremony: Engaging the Sense of Sight (2)

But don’t get me wrong, white, ivory and cream have a richness all their own. Layers of that richness call to mind bakery confections… our minds easily accept the transference from pastry to Wedding Ceremony. Layers and poofs of white or long sleek elegant lines of ivory can each bring something special to the wedding ceremony.

What’s important is that your wedding ceremony reflect your personalities and your styles. It’s also important (as my web guy would say IMHO as if either one of us weren’t wildly insistent on our opinions!) that the entire wedding have a sense about it… a movement through the engagement notice to the wedding invite to the dresses to the wedding ceremony and on into the reception. You don’t need to spend gobs of money doing that… both restraint and abundance can be gotten to carefully!

Life is rich and we should call upon the richness of life and celebrate it in as many ways as we can!

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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