MAB: Life before your Wedding Ceremony

Of course MABs are delighted to be marrying (again?). Who, among the ready to marry, doesn’t think it’s a fabulous idea? But I think there’s such a different kind of delight for MABs.

Most of us who have reached MAB status know that whatever is going to happen as we marry, it is not the dream of you and me against the world. There is the truth that pleasure deepens and is magnified with our partners. Some of that is the simple pleasure of one person in another. But so much of that pleasure, I believe is derived from the celebration of those who have the walked the journey with us.

That pleasure is greatly augmented by the addition of our partner’s past. Nothing could have made my marriage to Steve sweeter than the addition of his daughters and their partners and the grandchildren.

So you want your wedding ceremony to reflect your past. The good and the bad. You made it through to this place. In the next few MAB blogs and in the articles I’m writing, I’m going to work on highlighting some pieces of the wedding ceremony that can be crafted just for us — crafted to make your wedding ceremony reflect the complex and interesting lives you have lived and the incredible partnership that you’re consecrating. So, stay tuned!

Girlfriends, We’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!


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