Taking Those Wedding Pictures

Here’s an opportunity to learn from my oversights! Take Pictures!

I knew I didn’t want any posed shots of the wedding party. I’m not the kinda girl who would ever get an album together. So the people who were shooting at my wedding, friends everyone, were just having a great time. And that’s wonderful. One of the women shooting loves music shots. I have a lot of meaningful shots of bass fiddles and musicians’ hands, but what the heck? Music was a huge part of the wedding ceremony and a huge piece of our life going forward.

I also have, because Dagny is fascinated with hands, amazing pictures of our hands. One particularly poignant wedding picture  is the two of us, standing listening to my friend JoAnne sing “Into the Mystic” which was our floating out of the wedding song. I have Steve’s hand on my father’s walker, Steve holding my sweet Hannah’s hands. They’re fabulous. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll figure out how to put wedding pictures in… blogs… how fun!

But what I don’t have, because I didn’t plan for it: wedding pictures of the family. Not one shot of me standing with my sister or my brother. Not one portrait of Betty and Sam. Not one shot of me with my mother. None of the 5 of us, none of us with all our mates, none of the whole fam damily as they say back here. Who knew that was going to be the last chance we had to get them?

So, take the wedding pictures, however annoying it is to make the time during the wonder to line up and smile. Those smiles are very precious.

Girlfriends, We’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!


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