Wedding Ceremonies: Spring’s Bright Promise

I saw my first stands of Forsythia the week between my father’s death and his funeral. Our family is a family who notices the natural world so I spent much of the week calling my sister to tell her about Forsythia and she called me to tell me about the birds. My brother, the back woods guy, would check in with the slower progression of Spring from his mountain home. Other years, we would have rushed to tell Dad; we still keep Mom up-to-date on the outside world. Alzheimer’s and partial blindness aside, her sense of the outside world remains keen. She can’t notice for herself, so we notice for her.

Noticing is an important part of courtship and marriage. I think that we must be very careful to keep the noticing alive during marriage. Too many of us stop noticing the little things. If we don’t notice we can’t appreciate them. The miraculous in life, and I believe there is much that is miraculous, not the least of which is this marvelous relationship you find yourself in, is often tiny. Often, you have to look closely. Sometimes, like the forsythia, it’s overwhelming in its beauty, but if it comes every year, we begin to reason, how special can it be?

How special that out of cold cane comes the most unbelievable color. Bright vibrant yellow, the color of the sun, reminds us that life is astir in the Earth. Are there images here for you to mine for your wedding sermon or your wedding vows? Are there reasons for you to consider marrying now, now when the Earth is awakening and renewing its promise of life? Do you long to fill vases with cane that will burst into stunning color or soft willow?

If you’re not getting married in this season, why not give your romance a lift and bring home masses of branches to transform your house. Coaxing life and color into dry branches seems to be exactly what love does to us. So celebrate!

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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