April Showers Bringing May Wedding Flowers

I don’t know about where you live, but where I am it’s gorgeous: pink and white lace dripping from trees, tulips and daffodils swaying regally in the breeze.

It leads a girl to think about flowers – wedding flowers. I’m sure that there will be more than a few entries on wedding flowers as we continue. Sometimes a particular flower inspires me, sometimes I am just carried away by beauty.

This is one of those times. There is so much beauty rampant in the world right now. Back East, where I live, I have to believe that late April into early May is a great time for a wedding with a more homey feel. There are certainly times of year when elegance is appropriate (elegance of some variety is probably ALWAYS appropriate) but right now the world seems right for breezy excess. Earlier this month, yellow seemed to bring the bright promise of spring. But late in April that promise has been fulfilled in abundance.

Wedding flowers can be simply whatever’s fashionable at the moment. But why not let nature lead your thinking? Isn’t one of the ways love is astounding a lot like the overwhelming beauty of spring? And for all its fury, isn’t it fragile? Don’t we need to stop and enjoy it right now because it will not remain this way, we cannot retain it; we can only enjoy it. The rejoicing not only reminds us of the sweetness, but also of the need to be on the look out for it when it comes again.

There are metaphors to support Love everywhere you look. Some are blatant, some are more subtle, some will suit you better than others. So pick the ones that suit you and find the wedding flowers to match!

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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