Your Body, Yourself!

Well, you’re getting married, and it has suddenly dawned on you that you’re not 22. Yesterday you had managed to completely accept who you are and today, because you’re going to be a bride you’re totally freaked.

Let me just say this. Here’s the most important thing. Your partner picked you because you were you! I’m almost positive that the “will you marry me and be my love?” was not accompanied by the ultimatum “as long as you loose 25 pounds by your wedding day and prove that you can bench press your new Cooper Mini.” So here’s my first thought about you fabulous you and your body: Love it! Find a dress that makes YOUR body look good. Do NOT buy a dress that you must change your body to look good in.

There are plenty of things to obsess about. And you will find them all! MABs are nothing if not thorough! But your body? Why not just admit it? You are fabulous. You know how to dress to make yourself look fabulous. And if you don’t know lots about how to dress to make yourself look fabulous, find someone who is built a lot like you who looks fabulous and ask for her help.

You can trust me on this, she’s going to want to help you. I’ve never met a woman (or man) who upon being told that she looks fabulous and you’d love it if she could help you look fabulous on your wedding day say… oh, no, I’m too busy! She’ll be flattered that you recognized how much she loves herself and she’ll help!

Girlfriends, We’ve got it all going on! It’s doable. I believe in us. And we sure deserve it!


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