Kids: Yes! Kids. 3

I remember that one little girl’s face so clearly, that when I got married, I knew that I would find a way for all the kids who were coming to participate if I could.

So, at first, I planned to have just the lot of them flit into the wedding room before us. Then my friend Sandy sent a boatload of peacock feathers from her 37 peacocks. Ah, feather fairies, I thought. I realized I could give each child a peacock feather and they could wave it around as they pranced in.

I asked my niece to be the head feather fairy wrangler (HFFW) and she agreed. There were two assistant wranglers who were unable to join us. They were very disappointed!

The day before, as the women assembled the vases for the tables, I asked them to pick out 20 appropriately sized feathers. Not good enough. They assembled 20 little feather wands.

The next day I charged my HFFW with making sure the littles covered the floor space. She turned out not to be just a HFFW, she was a crown princess of Feather Fairies. The children were magical. They were all over this very large space waving their wands. I had not really planned a purification ritual, but that’s what I got. They blessed the space and stirred up the energy in a way that I could never have anticipated. I would never have gotten that response if I had controlled their movements (a nasty tendency of mine!). Steve and I stood outside and listened to gasps of amazement. Amazement was followed by hysterical laughter as the lone male feather fairy (is this a global warming problem that there was only one male fairy?… there were 15 girls in that generation!) was dragged off the floor.

I knew I wanted the kids to participate. I wanted the fun and the pageantry. I could never have anticipated the magic. And I do this all the time! Throughout the music at the reception there kids who were now a band of children united by their participation could be seen flitting all over the floor. A photographer told me that he has a picture where everyone was dancing and the children can be seen throughout the crowd. Not one child has his/her feet on the floor. They were magical beings and we clapped for each and every Tinkerbell! (and beau!).

You can do this too! Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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