Kids: Yes! Kids. 2

There are a couple of variations of this that I’ve used at weddings, but this was one of the most successful.

I did a wedding for two wonderful women at a family home in Sonoma. There were a billion kids in the family and they wanted to include them. The wedding was outdoors on a huge lawn. The wedding happened in a circle. The children came in from the four directions. Older children lead the groups of children armed with brightly colored flower petals. They dropped some flowers on the way in and then they dropped the rest of the petals in a circle big enough to hold the brides, their attendants and me. It was magical – lots of twirling children and swirling flower petals. Chaotic? Sure. Did the kids settle right down when their piece was done? Absolutely. Beautiful? You bet!

Throughout the ceremony, we built on the image of that magical circle of flowers and used its symbolism to talk about marriage relationships. Participants in wedding stepped into and out of the flower-strewn circle. When we finished the ceremony, we left the circle behind on the grass. At some point during the evening the brides had their first dance on that circle. The little ones understood that they’d made that circle. They knew it was important and they loved being part of it.

Dare to dream a little bit about what you might want. Remember what you might have wanted when you were little. Think about what the children in your life enjoy and use those things. Their cuteness is available for a pretty reasonable price and can get your ceremony off to the perfect start for you!

Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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