I warned you that tradition would be a driving force for this blog. Weddings are perhaps the best point in our lives to begin sorting through the traditions of your family to discover what has meaning for you.

So, I want to know: What is it in your lineage in which you take a great deal of pride and comfort? In this global world, it is too easy to envision a melting pot where all cultures and all traditions melt into one another like different kinds of chocolate. (I was going to say candles, but I thought, hmmm why bother with candles when there’s chocolate in the world!) But difference is exactly what makes the world rich and exciting.

For people whose families moved to the US recently, family customs are more visible. But what about those whose history is so blended that it’s difficult remember or discern cultural traditions. Well, my dears, research is our friend!

I did a wedding for a couple and the bride was Ukranian. Her grandmother, now living in this country spoke no English. But she knew what was needed at a wedding. At each plate at the reception was a peace dove made of bread that she had made. The doves weren’t for eating (and yes we explained this during the wedding!). They were to take home and hang in the window so that all might see and know that peace had visited this home.

It was a lovely tradition. First, the bride’s grandmother had made something wonderful for the wedding. That was enough to bring tears to everyone’s eyes. But secondly, the notion that weddings create peace! I wanted to go to wedding after wedding and receive a dove (the first part was easy for a wedding celebrant, the second, not so much!). I wanted wedding doves to hang in every window of my house.

I want the notion that love makes peace possible not only between a couple, but in the world to spread and spread and spread. Let’s get married for peace.

Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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