Celebrating the Seasons:

Why did you pick to get married when you did? Is it because you love this time of year or have good associations with activities that one enjoys during the particular season?OK, some of you chose your date because that was when it was convenient or available. But you can still work with the images for the seasons!

I come from a Northern European Culture. My background is Welsh/English/French. I’m a Euro-mutt. I grew up in the northeastern portion of Pennsylvania, home to the seasons. I love the seasons! In exploring my heritage I discovered that in pre-Christian times 8 seasons were celebrated. As we go through the year I’ll write columns about each of them. But I want to tell you why I decided to marry on February 2nd, commonly known in this part of the world as Ground Hog’s Day!

One of the traditional names for this holiday is Candlemas. Check your religious calendars if you have them, many Christian traditions still celebrate this holiday. People who follow Northern European Earth-based traditions do as well. Some of the references are about domestic agricultural life: when the slaughter was finished the last thing made was the candles. Old candle ends were melted into the new tallow and all the new candles were blessed to the year’s usage. So, new light… that made sense for a Middle-Aged wedding! Our love will light our lives for the rest of our lives.

The second is that this is when the sap is supposed to begin to rise in the trees. What is true is that the light changes. My energy levels change from February on. While I’m no longer as excited about winter the changing light makes me believe that life will be different. Now there is a sunny side of the street to walk on! So for that reason it seemed appropriate to marry then.

Steve and I celebrated both of these reasons as we wed. We used them to explain why we would gather our community from around the world in Pennsylvania in the midst of blizzard weather. And really, when do you need a big blow-out party? When the sun’s out? Or when you’ve been hunkered down so long you need to believe the light is returning. Which makes more sense to you? Plan appropriately!

Your love deserves nothing less!

Believing in you and your love,

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