One great thing for MABs

So, here we are. Exactly who we are. Every wrinkle, every laugh line has been earned in the school of life. And unlike many brides, we know who we are. Now hold on to that. Because the next thing you know, the wedding magazines and pundits will have you convinced that you should be wearing a garter and your soon-to-be husband should be pulling it from your thigh with his teeth.

Hello! Claudette who owned the clothing store next to the cafe where I saw all my clients when I lived Oakland was very clear. After 40, keep your knees covered up! I never looked less than fabulous when I left that store, knees appropriately covered. Keep exercising. For your health. And to look good. But your knees are going South however many core exercises you do!

Oops, off my rant. What we have is self knowledge. Hopefully we like ourselves too. We’ve come too far down this road not to. We’re free to be warm and funny and passionate. We don’t need to worry about who we’re going to become because we’ve already become someone. And this is great!

Do you know how few skinny little 25 year olds are certain who they are? Did you know that far fewer like who they are? Don’t just look at how lovely they are, and they are. That’s the horrible thing about being that young. No one is ecstatic over how they’re built and what their skin looks like. But remember. It didn’t matter how fabulous you were then, you were a bowlful of anxieties.

Now you know. You please your partner. You’ve been invited to marry him or her. You’ve been successful in your life — you’ve got a good job, you’ve raised great kids, you escaped whatever you escaped. You’re a fabulous woman.

So why not let that fabulous wedding have a wedding that looks like you and like your fabulous partner? Why not feel fabulous as you as you make promises that will sustain you through the rest of your life?

I’m entitled to it. You’re entitled to it. And we sure deserve it!

Believing in you and in your love,


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