MABs: Facing it!

Where were my friends?

Facial Fur: Changing hormones change so much in women of a certain age. One of them is “unwanted facial hair.” I blame my younger friends. Oh, not for the hair… that’s a result of years and hormones, and a pesky lack of same. But yo, those of you who can see, could you at least mention that I’m sprouting whiskers?

Here’s the deal. Get a facial. Even if you’ve never had one before. Even if you never want one again. Get it at least two weeks before the wedding so that your face has time to look like yours except for that fabulous moisturizer you’re now using. It’s a good thing. And really driving down the highway at 60 miles an hour and searching for the tweezers you just HAPPEN to have in the car isn’t safe.

This is one of those not so nice things about being a middle-aged bride. But there are solutions. Go ahead, use them!

I’m entitled to it. You’re entitled to it. And we both deserve it.

Because love is lovelier, (and so will you be!)


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