MABs: Don’t forget the Party

At some point I realized that I wanted to be able to talk to my girlfriends about what was going on. I hadn’t wanted a shower where I got lots of presents. I’m a person who needs to get rid of stuff not get more!

But I did need to drink champagne with my girlfriends. I wanted to talk about what it felt like to go through this experience. And I did have sample cake left over from Nina’s trial runs. And it dawned on me, I did need to have hearts cut out. hmmm.

So, I called the girlfriends, they said we’ll bring snacks too. presto changeo! we had a party. we got a bazillion hearts cut out (more about hearts later!) and we had so much fun. People asked questions about the wedding and it all went off smashingly!

So, don’t forget the champagne!

I’m entitled to it. You’re entitled to it. And we both deserve it.

Because love is lovelier, (and so will you be!)


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